ATRIAL FLUTTER  TACHYARRHYTHMIAS ARRHYTHMIAS marked by rapid (about 300 beats per minute) regular atrial beating



    Cardiac Arrhythmias 1

  • ·Heart rate exceeds 100 beats/min
  • ·Gradual onset and offset
  • ·Normal PQRST.



  • Cardiovascular examination
  • cardiac disorders


ATRIAL FLUTTER Definition cardiac dysrhythmia —

  • marked by rapid (about 300 beats per minute) regular atrial beating,
  • atrial flutter usually a regular ventricular response (whose rate may vary depending on the conduction of electrical impulses from the atria through the atrioventricular node).
  • Atrial flutter usually converts to sinus rhythm with low-voltage direct current (DC) cardioversion or atrial pacing.
  • atrial flutter On the electrocardiogram, the fluttering of the atria is best seen in leads II, III, and F as “sawtooth” deflections between the QRS complexes.


Symptoms atrial flutter

  • Patients may be asymptomatic, esp. when ventricular rates are less than 100 bpm.
  • During tachycardic episodes, patients often report palpitations, dizziness, presyncope, or syncope.


Mediastinal flutter —

  • Abnormal side-to-side motion of the mediastinum during respiration.


Diaphragmatic flutter —

  • Rapid contractions of the diaphragm. They may occur intermittently or be present for an extended period. The cause is unknown.


Ventricular flutter —

  • Ventricular contractions of the heart at 250 beats per minute, creating a high-amplitude, sawtooth pattern on the surface electrocardiogram. The rhythm is lethal unless immediate life support and resuscitation are provided.
  • This tachyarrhythmia is slower than atrial fibrillation ilnd characterized by regular uniform saw-tooth-like f utter waves.
  • Atrial rate 250 – 350 bpm.
  • Ventricular rate is half the atrial rate, because of physiological block allowing cond 50% of atrial beats to the ventricle.
  • P waves replaced by flutter waves – Saw-tooth like waves best seen in lead III And AVF.


Treatment Atrial flutter cardiac dysrhythmia —

  • DC cardioversion Beta blocker Amiodarone
  • Radiofrequency ablation (RFA).
  • Digitalis
  • CCB (calcium channel blocker)
  • Quinidine, flecainide, sotalol – to prevent recurrences


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