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Description of Itching

DefinitionAccording to dictionary definition  Itching is skin tingling or irritation that makes you want to scratch the itchy area. It’s a symptom of many health conditions.  Causes and Risk FactorsAccording to dictionary definition  Common causes are:1. Allergic reactions2. Eczema3. Dry skin4. Insect bites and stings5. Irritating chemicals6. Parasites such as pinworms, scabies, head, and body lice7. Pregnancy8. Rashes9. Reactions to medicines  Treatment and PreventionAccording to dictionary definition  1. To soothe itchy skin, one can try cold compresses, lotions, and lukewarm baths2. Antiallergic medicines3. Avoid scratching4. Avoid wearing irritating fabrics5. Avoid high heat and humidity


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