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DefinitionAccording to dictionary definition  Meningococci are a type of bacteria that cause serious infections. The most common infection is meningitis, which is an inflammation of the thin tissue that surrounds the brain and spinal cord. Meningococci can also cause other problems, including a serious bloodstream infection called sepsis.  Causes and Risk FactorsAccording to dictionary definition  Meningococcal infections can spread from person to person. Risk factors include:1. Age — it is more common in infants, teens, and young adults2. Living in close quarters, such as in college dorms or military settings3. Certain medical conditions, such as not having a spleen4. Travel to areas where meningococcal disease is common  Signs and SymptomsAccording to dictionary definition  In its early stages, the symptoms may include:1. Flu-like symptoms2. Fever3. Headache4. Stiff neck  InvestigationsAccording to dictionary definition  1. The disease can progress quickly and can be fatal. Early diagnosis and treatment are extremely important.2. Lab tests on your blood and cerebrospinal fluid can tell if you have it.  TreatmentAccording to dictionary definition  Treatment includes:1. Antibiotics2. A vaccine can prevent meningococcal infections.



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