Plain x-ray film The Basics of  X-ray

How X-ray works —

  • Radiographic film before an image is taken is transparent and x-rays made it Darker by reactions,
  • When a x-ray radiograph is taken,the X-rays reach the film and made it darken
  • So , more X-rays reach an area of the film, the darker that area will be on the radiograph.
  • and the lesser the xray the more brighter the area after the x-ray,
  • if an object is very dense,then less X-rays will reach the film and the less darker the area become, and the image of the object will appear white on the radiograph.
  • if an object has little density,because it allows most of the X-ray beam to reach the film, so its image will appear black on the radiograph

Types of X-ray Radiograph —

  • Only five basic X-ray radiographic densities exist,
  1. gas,
  2. fat,
  3. fluid,
  4. bone and
  5. metal densities
  • They are in order of increasing brightness order
  • A film should not be too dark (over exposed ) or too white (under exposed).
  • A good quality film can really improve the precision of a diagnosis.

key concept of X-ray Radiology —

  • Key concept.
key concept x-ray

Plain x-ray film The Basics of X-ray key concept of Radiology

  • The five radiographic densities are in order of increasing brightness:
  1. Air,
  2. Fat,
  3. Fluid,
  4. Bone,
  5. Metal
  • the lungs filled with air so X-ray become dark, or air density,
  • heart X-ray appears lighter than the lungs X-ray, because they are largely composed of water,
  • Bones X-ray are brighter structures because they are composed of calcium
  • So all Anatomic structures seen on the X-ray radiograph can be identified by their characteristic density


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