The Brand Name ALDOPAM Has Generic Salt :: Methyldopa 

ALDOPAM  Is From Company Neon Priced :: Rs. 32.84

ALDOPAM have Methyldopa is comes under Sub class Anti Hypertensives of  Main Class Cardiovascular System

Main Medicine Class:: Cardiovascular System  Sub Medicine Class :: Anti Hypertensives 

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Methyldopa  TAB  Rs. 32.84  10
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 ALDOPAM  Neon  250MG  10 Rs. 32.84

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 From Neon :: ALDOPAM  Methyldopa  Cardiovascular System Anti Hypertensives

Indications for Drugs ::


Drug Dose ::

Oral Hypertension Adult: Monotherapy: Initially, 250 mg bid-tid for 2 days; adjust according to response not more than every 2 days. Maintenance: 0.5-2 g daily. Max: 3 g daily. Combination therapy: Initial dose should not exceed 500 mg daily in divided doses. Child: Initially, 10 mg/kg or 300 mg/m2 daily in 2-4 divided doses; increase as necessary. Max: 65 mg/kg, 2 g/m2 or 3 g daily, whichever is least. Elderly: Initially, 125 mg bid; gradually increase according to response. Max: 2 g daily.

Contraindication ::

Methyldopa is contraindicated in patients: – with active hepatic disease, such as acute hepatitis and active cirrhosis. – with liver disorders previously associated with Methyldopa therapy. – with hypersensitivity to any component of these products. – on therapy with monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors.

Drug Precautions ::

Methyldopa should be used with caution in patients with a history of previous liver disease or dysfunction. Some patients taking Methyldopa experience clinical edema or weight gain, which may be controlled by use of a diuretic. Methyldopa should not be continued if edema progresses or signs of heart failure appear. Hypertension has recurred occasionally after dialysis in patients given Methyldopa because the drug is removed by this procedure. Rarely involuntary choreoathetotic movements have been observed during therapy with Methyldopa in patients with severe bilateral cerebrovascular disease. If these movements occur, stop therapy

Drug Side Effects ::

Sedation, usually transient, may occur during the initial period of therapy or whenever the dose is increased. Headache, asthenia, or weakness may be noted as early and transient symptoms. The following systemic side effects may rarely occurs with the use of Methyldopa – angina pectoris, congestive heart failure, orthostatic hypotension, edema or weight gain, bradycardia, pancreatitis, colitis, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, constipation, dryness of mouth, hyperprolactinemia, bone marrow depression, leukopenia, granulocytopenia, thrombocytopenia, hemolytic anemia; rheumatoid factor, hepatitis, jaundice, myocarditis, pericarditis, vasculitis, eosinophilia, parkinsonism, bell’s palsy, nightmares and reversible mild psychoses or depression, dizziness, lightheadedness, paresthesias, arthralgia, myalgia, nasal stuffiness, rash, amenorrhea, gynecomastia, lactation, impotence. However, significant adverse effects due to Methyldopa have been infrequent and this agent usually is well tolerated.

Pregnancy category ::
Pregnancy category


Drug Mode of Action ::  

Methyldopa stimulates alpha 2-adrenoceptors which results in reduced sympathetic tone and fall in BP.

Drug Interactions ::

Reduced hypotensive effects with phenothiazines, TCAs and possibly, amphetamines. Additive hypotensive effects with levodopa; psychosis may also occur. Reduced absorption and effects with oral iron preparations. Reduced doses of general anaesthetics may be required. Effect of ephedrine may be reduced. Potentially Fatal: Increased risk of severe hypertension with MAOIs. Increased lithium toxicity


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