Details About Generic Salt ::  Budesonide 

Main Medicine Class:: Respiratory System   Sub Medicine Class ::  Drugs For Asthma,COPD,ARDS

also comes under 2B. Corticosteroids in 2. Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT),   7H. Drugs for Inflammatory Bowel Disease in 7. Gastrointestinal System
PK: D: 2.2-3.9 L/kg M: Liver E: Urine

Indications & Dose: ASTHMA Inh Adult MDI: 400µg/day in 2 divided doses may increase dose in severe asthma (upto 1.6mg or 2mg/day), MD: 200-400µg/day, Dry powder inhaler: 200-800µg/day as 2 divided doses/single daily dose max 800µg BID, Nebulizer: 1-2mg BID, MD 0.5-1mg BID Child MDI: 50-400µg BID, Nebulizer: 3 months-12yr: Initially 0.5-1mg BID, MD 0.25-0.5mg BID | CROHN’S DISEASE Mild-to-moderate PO Adult Delayed release capsules: 9mg/day (in morning) 8 wks. For clinical remission MD 6mg/day 3 months. If symptoms are controlled, then discontinue by gradually tapering the doseinvolving ileum and/or ascending colon | CROUP Inh Child Nebuliser suspension: >1 month: 2mg in 1 or 2 divided doses separated by 30min, may repeat after 12h if required | NASAL POLYPS NSL Adult 1 spray (containing 64/100µg) into each nostril BID 3months Child >12yr: Same as adult dose | RHINITIS NSL Adult Initially 2 sprays into each nostril OD in the morning or 1 spray into each nostril BID, may reduce to dose (1 spray into each nostril OD) & continued for 3 month Child >12yr: Same as adult dose

Contra: Hypersensitivity

Precautions: HF, recent MI, HTN, DM, epilepsy, glaucoma, hypothyroidism, hepatic failure, osteoporosis, PUD, psychoses/severe affective disorders, renal impairment, children, elderly, quiescent TB

ADR: Serious: Increased susceptibility to infect, increased severity of varicella & measles, ocular changes, mental & neurological disturbances, benign intracranial HTN, acute pancreatitis, avascular necrosis of bone, adrenal atrophy, cushingoid symptoms, flushing, hypersensitivity reactions, corneal ulcers, raised IOP, reduced visual function, Others: Menstrual irregularities, hyperhidrosis, skin thinning, increased bruising, ecchymoses, dryness, hoarseness & candidiasis of the mouth/throat, irritation, urticaria, weight gain or loss, hyperglycemia

DDI: Serious Metformin/Glibenclamide deterioration in diabetic control, Itraconazole increases drug levels, Ritonavir increases the drug levels, Clarithromycin leads to cushing’s syndrome, Colestyramine reduces the absorption of drug