Details About Generic Salt ::  Clobetasol 

Main Medicine Class:: Skin   Sub Medicine Class ::  Anti Psoriatic Drugs

also comes under 15A. Corticosteroids (Topical) in 15. Skin,  
PK: A: Variable M: Hepatic E: Urine, feces

Indications & Dose: CORTICOSTEROID-RESPONSIVE DERMATOSES TP Adult Cream/Ointment/Gel/Foam/ Lotion (0.05%): Apply on affected area twice daily up to 2 wk max 50g/wk Child Cream/Ointment/Gel/Foam (0.05%): >12 yr: Same as adult dose, Lotion (0.05%): >18 yr: Same as adult dose | PLAQUE PSORIASIS Moderate-to-severe TP Adult Emollient cream/lotion: Apply twice daily 2 wk max 50g/wk, Spray: Apply by spraying directly onto affected area twice daily & gently rubbed into skin. Continue for 4 wk max 50g/wk or 59mL/wk Child Emollient cream/lotion: >16 yr: Same as adult dose, Spray: >18 yr: Same as adult dose | SCALP PSORIASIS TP Adult Shampoo (0.05%): Apply to dry scalp once daily for 15min then add water, lather & rinse thoroughly

Contra: Hypersensitivity, history of primary infect of scalp, rosacea/perioral dermatitis, children < 12yr

Precautions: Avoid prolonged use on face & keep away from eyes, patients with impaired T-cell function, immunosuppressive therapy, open angle glaucoma

ADR: Serious: Adrenal suppression & Cushing’s syndrome, Others: spread & worsening of untreated infect, thinning of skin, irreversible striae atrophicae & telangiectasia, contact dermatitis, perioral dermatitis, acne/worsening of acne/rosacea, mild depigmentation, hypertrichosis

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