Details About Generic Salt ::  Docetaxel 

Main Medicine Class:: Anti Neoplastic Agents   Sub Medicine Class ::  Anti Neoplastic Agents

PK: D: 80-90 L/m2 (Vd), Vdss: 113 L (mean steady state) M: Hepatic E: Feces (~75%, <8% as unchanged drug), urine (<5%)

Indications & Dose: GASTRIC ADENOCARCINOMA Combination therapy IV Adult 75mg/m2 over 1h q3wk with cispaltin & fluorouracil | HEAD/NECK CANCER Combination therapy IV Adult 75mg/m2 over 1h q3wk with cispaltin & fluorouracil for 3 or 4 cycles followed by radiation therapy | LOCALLY-ADVANCED/METASTATIC BREAST CANCER Mono therapy IV Adult 60-100mg/m2 over 1h q3wk | NON-SMALL-CELL LUNG CANCER Combination therapy IV Adult 75mg/m2 over 1h q3wk with cispaltin | Mono therapy IV Adult 75mg/m2 over 1h q3wk | OPERABLE NODE-POSITIVE BREAST CANCER Combination therapy/Adjuvant therapy IV Adult 75mg/m2 over 1h (doxorubicin 50mg/m2 & cyclophosphamide 500mg/m2 1h after docetaxel) repeated q3wk for six courses | PROSTATE CANCER IV Adult 75mg/m2 over 1h q3wk with prednisone

Contra: Hypersensitivity, severe hypersensitivity to other medications containing polysorbate 80, neutrophil count <1500/mm3, acute infect, severely impaired hepatic function

Precautions: Mild-to-moderate hepatic impairment, debilitated patients, depressed bone marrow from radiotherapy/therapy with other anti-neoplastics

ADR: Serious: Fluid retention, neurosensory events, neuromotor events, cutaneous events, blood disorders, transaminases increased, pulmonary events, infect, hypersensitivity, left ventricular ejection fraction decreased, hypotension, bilirubin/alkaline phosphatase increased, epiphora associated with canalicular stenosis, Others: arthralgia, weakness, myalgia, nail disorder, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, alopecia, fever

DDI: Serious HIV protease inhibitors causes hematological toxicities, Docetaxel causes neurotoxicity, Ketoconazole decreases the clearance of drug, Sorafenib increase drug level, Ciclosporin increases drug level, Rifampicin/Barbiturates reduce drug level

Monitor: CBC with differential, LFTs, renal function, monitor for hypersensitivity reactions, neurosensory symptoms, gastrointestinal toxicity, cutaneous reactions, fluid retention, epiphora, canalicular stenosis


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