Details About Generic Salt ::  Norethisterone 

Main Medicine Class:: Reproductive System   Sub Medicine Class ::  Contraceptive Drugs

also comes under 11A. Contraceptive Drugs in 11. Reproductive System
PK: A: Rapidly absorbed D: 4 L/kg (Vd) M: Hepatic E: Urine (>50% as metabolites) & feces (20-40% as metabolites)

Indications & Dose: ABNORMAL UTERINE BLEEDING PO Adult Norethisterone acetate: 2.5-10mg/day 5-10 days during the second half of the menstrual cycle | AMENORRHEA PO Adult Norethisterone acetate: 2.5-10mg/day 5-10 days during the second half of the menstrual cycle | BREAST CANCER PO Adult Up to 60mg/day | CONTRACEPTION PO Adult 0.35mg/day (no missed days) initiated on first day of menstrual period or the day after a miscarriage/abortion | ENDOMETRIOSIS PO Adult 5mg/day (as acetate) 14 days, increase by 2.5mg/day q2wk to reach 15mg/day, continue for 6-9 months or until breakthrough bleeding demands temporary termination | MENOPAUSAL HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY PO Adult 700µg or 0.5-1mg (as acetate) or cyclical regimens of norethisterone or norethisterone acetate 1mg/day 10-12 days of a 28-day cycle | Intradermal Adult 140-250µg twice weekly 2 wk of 4 wk cycle, lower strengths may be applied twice weekly on continuous basis | PREMENSTRUAL SYNDROME PO Adult Up to 15mg/day

Contra: Hypersensitivity, history of/current thrombophlebitis/venous thromboembolic disorders, hepatic dysfunction/tumor, known/suspected breast carcinoma, undiagnosed vaginal bleeding, missed abortion/as a diagnostic test for pregnancy

Precautions: HTN, blood dyscrasias, bone marrow disease, hepatic/renal disease, HF, DM, depression, migraine, asthma, seizure disorder, family history of breast/reproductive tract cancer, susceptible to thromboembolism

ADR: Serious: Cerebral embolism, cerebral thrombosis, DVT, edema, cholestatic jaundice, optic neuritis, pulmonary embolism, anaphylactic/anaphylactoid reactions, Others: depression, insomnia, migraine, mood swings, acne, hirsutism, rash, amenorrhea, menstrual flow changes, nausea, weight gain/loss, cervical secretion changes

DDI: Serious Phenobarbital/Carbamazepine/Phenytoin/Rifampicin decreases drug efficacy

Monitor: Pregnancy should be ruled out prior to use, loss of vision, sudden onset of proptosis, diplopia, migraine, BP, thromboembolic disorders, depression, glucose level in DM, lipid profiles

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