Details About Generic Salt ::  Sulfadiazine 

Main Medicine Class:: #N/A   Sub Medicine Class ::  #N/A

PK: D: Extensive M: Hepatic E: Urine

Indications & Dose: ASYMPTOMATIC MENINGOCOCCAL CARRIERS PO Adult 1g BID 2 days Child 1-12 month: 500mg OD 2 days, 1-12 yr: 500mg BID 2 days | CONGENITAL TOXOPLASMOSIS PO Child Newborns & <2 month: 100mg/kg/day divided q6h with pyrimethamine 1mg/kg/day OD & leucovorin calcium 5mg q3days 6 month, >2 month: 25-50mg/kg QID | NOCARDIOSIS PO Child >2 month: 4-8g/day a minimum of 6 wk | RHEUMATIC FEVER Prophylactic therapy PO Child <30 kg: 500mg OD, >30 kg: 1g OD | SUSCEPTIBLE INFECT PO Adult Initially 2-4g/day, followed by 6g/day in divided doses Child Initially 75mg/kg, then 150mg/kg daily divided doses max 6g/day | TOXOPLASMOSIS PO Child >2 month: Loading dose 75mg/kg, MD 120-150mg/kg/day, max 6g/day divided q4-6h with pyrimethamine 2mg/kg/day divided q12h 3 days followed by 1mg/kg/day with leucovorin calcium | TOXOPLASMOSIS IN IMMUNOCOMPROMISED PATIENTS PO Adult 2-6g/day in divided doses q6h with pyrimethamine 50-75mg/day & leucovorin calcium Child Infants & child: 85-120mg/kg/day divided q6-12h max 4g/day with pyrimethamine & leucovorin calcium

Contra: Hypersensitivity, porphyria, sunscreens, severe hepatic/renal impairment, lupus erythematosus

Precautions: renal/hepatic impairment, history of allergy/asthma, elderly, G6PD deficiency, HIV Patients

ADR: Serious: crystalluria, TEN, SJS, SLE, nephrotoxic reactions, blood disorders, fungal/bacterial superinfection, hepatitis, hypersensitivity, Others: fever, reaction involving skin, nausea, vomiting, anorexia, diarrhea

DDI: Serious Antidiabetics leads to hypoglycemia, Ciclosporin level is reduced, Phenytoin toxicity is increased

Diet: Adequate fluid intake (to reduce the risk of crystalluria)

Monitor: CBC, urine analysis


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