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Description of Eye strainAccording to dictionary definition  Eye strain, also known as Asthenopia,is a condition of the eyes that is recognized by nonspecific symptoms like pain in and around the eyes, headache, fatigue, blurred vision and double vision.    Causes and Risk Factors of Eye strainAccording to dictionary definition  According to dictionary definition  Eye strain is caused due to excessive stress on the eyes that causes tightening of the ciliary muscles. Other common causes include,a) Continuous focusing on computer or bookb) Observing minute details by tightening of ciliary muscles  Signs and Symptoms of Eye strainAccording to dictionary definition  Common signs include,1. Pain in and around the eyes2. Headache  3. Itchy or dry eyes4. Spasms around eyes5. Blurred vision6. Migraines  Treatmentof Eye strainAccording to dictionary definition  1. If you are already afflicted with eye strain, it is easy to treat the condition with the help of specialized computer glasses or anti-glare monitor screens  2. You may be recommended to use eye lubricants  Prevention of Eye strainAccording to dictionary definition  1. One of the simple rules called €œ20-20-20 € is best way to prevent the eye strain getting severe. The rule refers to taking off your eyes every 20 minutes and focus for 20 seconds on objects 20 feet away! 2. Try some exercise for the eyes3. Splash water in your eyes frequently  4. Practice Bates Method, that involves repeated relaxation of the muscles in the eyes and also eliminates the side effects of eye strain.



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