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Description of Tonsilitis

Description of TonsilitisAccording to dictionary definition  Tonsillitis is defined as the inflammation of tonsils that causes swelling and unease in the throat. Tonsils or more specifically palatine tonsils are two in number. Each tonsil is an ovoid mass of lymphoid tissue situated on the lateral wall of oral cavity between the anterior and posterior pillars.
The different types of tonsillitis include:  1. Acute2. Chronic/recurrent  Signs and Symptoms of TonsilitisAccording to dictionary definition  Common signs include:1. Fever2. Malaise3. Headache4. Sore throat5. Difficulty in swallowing, speech, and sleep apnea (when tonsils are large and obstructive)6. Fetid breath7. Earache (referred otalgia)  Causes and Risk Factors of TonsilitisAccording to dictionary definition  Commonly infect:1. School-going children and adults2. Rarely affects infants and people above 50 years of age.3. Caused by hemolytic streptococcus4. Other causative organisms may be staphylococci, pneumococci, or H. influenzae  Treatment of TonsilitisAccording to dictionary definition  General lifestyle modifications may include:1. Plenty of oral fluids2. Attention to general health and diet3. Medication includes,a) Analgesics such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) or paracetamolb) Antibiotics such as amoxycillin/amoxicillin clavulanic acid, azithromycin.4. Surgical treatment includes tonsillectomy  Complications and When Should You See a DoctorAccording to dictionary definition  1. Acute infections of upper respiratory tract2. Surgery complications may include anemia and bleeding or coagulation disorders3. Peritonsillar abscess  4. Parapharyngeal abscess5. Intratonsillar abscess6. Calculus of tonsil (tonsilloliths)7. Tonsillar cysts8. Focus of infection in rheumatic fever, acute glomerulonephritis



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