ARKA Definition

  • Arka is a liquid preparation obtained by distillation of certain liquids or drugs soaked in water using the Arkayantra or any convenient modern distillation apparatus.

Method of preparation of ARKA

  • The drugs are cleaned and coarsely powdered. Some quantity of water is added to the drugs for soaking and kept over-night.
  • This makes the drugs soft and when boiled releases the essential volatile principles easily.
  • The following morning it is poured into the Arka yantra and the remaining water is added and boiled.
Arka yantra

Method of preparation of ARKA

  • The vapour is condensed and collected in a receiver.
  • In the beginning, the vapour consists of only steam and may not contain the essential principles of the drugs.
  • It should therefore be discarded. The last portion also may not contain therapeutically essential substance and should be discarded.
  • The aliquots collected in between contain the active ingredients and may be mixed together to ensure uniformity of the arka.

Characteristics of ARKA

  • Arka is a suspension of the distillate in water having slight turbidity and colour according to the nature of the drugs used and smell of the predominant drug.