Details About Generic Salt ::  Aspirin 

Main Medicine Class:: Musculoskeletal Disorders , Pain   Sub Medicine Class ::  Analgesics , Anti inflammatory Drugs

also comes under 12E. Analgesics & Anti-inflammatory Drugs in 12. Musculoskeletal Disorders & Pain,  

Indications & Dose: ACUTE ISCHEMIC STROKE PO Adult 150-325mg/day given within 2 days (in individuals who are not candidates for alteplase & not receiving systemic anti-coagulants)Initiate within 48h | ANALGESIC/ANTIPYRETIC PO/RECTAL Adult 324-650mg q4h max 3.9g/day Child 2-11 yr: 1.5g/m2/day in 4-6 divided doses, >12 yr: Same as adult dose | ATRIAL FIBRILLATION PO Adult 75-325mg OD or 75-100 mg ODIn patients not candidates for warfarin/at low risk of ischemic stroke | CHRONIC LIMB ISCHEMIA PO General 75-100mg/day lifelong therapy | CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE Adjunct therapy PO Adult 160-325mg/day | JUVENILE ARTHRITIS PO Child <25 kg: 60-130mg/kg/day, >25 kg: 2.4-3.6g/day in divided doses, dose may be increased by 10mg/kg/day no more frequently than at weekly intervals MD 80-100mg/kg/day | KAWASAKI DISEASE PO Child 80-100mg/kg/day qid, fever subsides:3-5mg/kg od | MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION Adjuvant therapy PO Adult 160-325mg/day | NON-ST-SEGMENT ELEVATION MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION PO Adult Initially 160-325mg MD 75-100mg/day to reduce the risk of acute ischemic events | OSTEOARTHRITIS PO Adult Initially 2.4-3.6g/day in divided doses, increase by 325mg-1.2g/ day weekly MD 3.6-5.4g/day based on response, tolerance & serum drug level | PAIN SECONDARY TO MIGRAINE HEADACHE Mild-to-moderate PO Adult 500mg in combination with paracetamol & caffeine | PERCUTANEOUS CORONARY INTERVENTION/REVASCULARIZATION PROCEDURES PO Adult 75-325mg/day administered before procedure (patients on prolong aspirin therapy), 300-325mg 24h prior to procedure (not on prolong aspirin therapy) MD 162-325mg 1 month after procedure followed by indefinite low dose therapy (75-162mg/day) | POLYARTHRITIC/INFLAMMATORY CONDITIONS PO Adult Initially 2.4-3.6g/day in divided doses, increase by 325mg-1.2g/day weekly MD 3.6-5.4g/day based on response, tolerance & serum drug level | RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS PO Adult Initially 2.4-3.6g/day in divided doses, increase by 325mg-1.2g/day weekly MD 3.6-5.4g/day based on response, tolerance & serum drug level | STROKE PREVENTION IN CAROTID STENOSIS PO General 75-162mg/day lifelong therapyPrimary/recurrent carotid stenosis who are not candidates for surgery | THROMBOSIS OF VASCULAR GRAFTS PO General 75-325mg/day initiated preoperatively & continued indefinitely | UNSTABLE ANGINA Adjuvant therapy PO Adult Initially 160-325mg MD 75-100mg/day

Contra: Blood disorders, hypersensitivity, patients with hemophilia/other hemorrhagic disorders, severe hepatic impairment, renal impairment

Precautions: hodgkin’s disease, elderly, HF, high sodium content, children & adolescents, gastritis, concomitant use of salicylates/NSAIDs

ADR: Serious: blood disorders, hepatotoxicity, tachycardia, hypotension, dysrhythmia, angioedema, GI ulceration, ototoxicity, Others: urticaria, hyperglycemia, hyperkalemia, hypernatremia, bronchospasm, dyspnea, nausea, vomiting, dyspepsia

DDI: Serious Streptokinase/Alteplase increase risk of cerebral hemorrhage, Acetazolamide increases drug adverse effects, Ticlopidine increases drug antiaggregant effects, Furosemide increases risk of acute renal failure & drug toxicity, Nifedipine increases risk of ARF, Coumarins/Clopidogrel/Fondaparinux increases risk of bleeding, Heparin increases risk of hemorrhage, Verapamil leads to abnormal bruising & prolongs bleeding time, Neostigmine leads to aggravation of myasthenic symptoms, Alcohol leads to GI bleeding, NSAIDs leads to GI damage, Nitroglycerin leads to hypotension, Ginkgo biloba leads to platelet aggregation, Influenza vaccines leads to Reye’s syndrome, Phenytoin level is decreased, Phenylbutazone reduces aspirin level, Norethisterone/Ethinylestradiol reduces drug bioavailability, Corticosteroids/Aluminum Hydroxide Gel/Griseofulvin/Magnesium Hydroxide reduces drug level, Methotrexate toxicity increases, Valproic acid toxicity raises

Diet: With food

Monitor: Signs & symptoms of hypersensitivity & other adverse reactions, ototoxicity, Hb, hematocrit, renal function test, salicylate blood levels


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