Details About Generic Salt ::  Bupropion 

Main Medicine Class:: Nervous System   Sub Medicine Class ::  Anti Depressants

PK: A: Rapid D: 20-47 L/kg (Vd) M: Hepatic E: Urine (87%) & feces (10%)

Indications & Dose: DEPRESSION PO Adult 100mg TID max 450mg/day, Sustain release tablet: Initially 150mg/day in the morning may increase to 150mg BID max 400mg/day in 2 divided doses | SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER PO Adult Initially 150mg/day in the may increase to 300mg/day after 1 wk if tolerated | SMOKING CESSATION PO Adult Start 1–2 wk before target stop date. Initially 150mg/day for 6 days then 150mg BID 7–9 wks, max single dose 150mg Elderly 150mg/day

Contra: Hypersensitivity, seizures, use of MAOIs within 14 days, abrupt withdrawal of ethanol/sedatives

Precautions: History of epilepsy, hepatic/renal impairment, elderly

ADR: Serious: SJS, hepatitis, postural hypotension, seizures, HTN, Others: GI disturbances, abdominal pain, diarrhea, headache, dizziness, anorexia, fever, confusion

DDI: Serious Carbimazole causes acute liver failure, β-blockers causes bradycardia and hypotension, Levodopa/Amantadine causes higher incidence of undesirable effects, Ritonavir decreases drug level, Phenobarbital/Carbamazepine/Phenytoin decreases drug level and increases its active metabolite, Rifampicin increase the drug metabolism and its active metabolite, Valproic acid increases drug active metabolite levels, Ticlopidine/Clopidogrel increases serum drug levels, SSRIs increases toxicity, TCAs/Citalopram levels increases, Dextromethorphan metabolism is reduced Others MAOIs causes hypotension

Diet: With/without food

Monitor: Body weight, mental status, suicidal ideation, mania, panic attacks

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