Details About Generic Salt ::  Clopidogrel 

Main Medicine Class:: Hematological System   Sub Medicine Class ::  Anti Platelets

PK: A: Rapid & well absorbed M: Hepatic E: Urine & feces

Indications & Dose: PREVENTION OF CARDIOVASCULAR EVENTS PO Adult Unstable angina/NSTEMI: Loading dose 300mg followed by 75mg/day with 81-325mg/day, STEMI: 75mg/day with aspirin (initial dose 162-325mg then 81-162mg/day), < 75 yr: Loading dose 300mg followed by 75mg/day 4 wk with asprin, > 75 yr: 75mg/day 4 wk with/without thrombolysis, In patients undergoing PCI: Loading dose: 300mg at least 6h before procedure. Patients intolerant to aspirin, 300mg loading dose of clopidogrel at least 24h prior to planned PCI

Contra: Hypersensitivity, active pathological bleeding, hematopoietic disorders, hemorrhagic disorders associated with a prolonged bleeding time

Precautions: Platelet disorders, bleeding disorders & at increased risk for bleeding, severe hepatic/renal impairment, surgery/other pathological conditions, concomitant use of drugs that increase risk of bleeding, stop drug 5-7 days before elective surgery

ADR: Serious: Blood dyscrasias, SJS, GI hemorrhage, hematoma, Others: lichen planus, myalgia, rash, pruritus, bleeding, epistaxis, serum sickness, interstitial pneumonitis, erythema multiforme

DDI: Serious Eptifibatide affects hemostasis, Low molecular-weight heparin/Heparin increase bleeding risk, NSAIDs increase the risk of GI bleeding, Warfarin increases the bleeding risk, Omeprazole/Lansoprazole reduces anti-platelet action of drug, Itraconazole/Fluconazole/Ketoconazole/Voriconazole reduces formation of active metabolite of drug

Diet: With/without food

Monitor: Signs of bleeding, hemoglobin & hematocrit periodically

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