Details About Generic Salt ::  Oxytocin 

Main Medicine Class:: Reproductive System   Sub Medicine Class ::  Oxytocics

PK: A: Rapid (NSL) M: Hepatic & renal E: Urine

Indications & Dose: ABORTION Adjunct therapy IV Adult 10-20milliunits/min max total dose 30U/12h | INDUCTION OF LABOUR IV Adult Inf: Initially 0.001–0.002IU/min increased in 0.001–0.002IU/min increments at intervals of 30min till 3–4 contractions occur q10min, max rate 0.02IU/min | POSTPARTUM HEMORRHAGE Prophylactic therapy IV Adult Inj: 5IU slowly when anterior shoulder is delivered/immediately after birth | Prophylactic therapy IM Adult 10IU when anterior shoulder is delivered/immediately after birth | TREATMENT OF POSTPARTUM HAEMORRHAGE IV Adult 5–10IU (0.02–0.04IU/min) after the placenta is delivered. Dose may increased to 40IU in severe cases

Contra: Hypersensitivity, hypertonic uterine contractions, mechanical obstruction to delivery, fetal distress, condition where labor/vaginal delivery inadvisable, avoid prolonged administration in oxytocin-resistant uterine inertia, severe pre-eclamptic toxemia, severe CVD, major cephalopelvic disproportion

Precautions: Mild-to-moderate pregnancy-associated HTN, caudal block anesthesia, water intoxication & hyponatremia, history of low-uterine segment cesarean section, age >35 yrs

ADR: Serious: Arrhythmias, brain/CNS damage, neonatal jaundice, neonatal retinal hemorrhage, neonatal seizure, bradycardia, fetal death, hypertensive episodes, premature ventricular contractions, tetanic contraction of uterus, afibrinogenemia, subarachnoid hemorrhage, anaphylactic reaction, postpartum hemorrhage, Others: hypertonicity, uterine spasm, uterine rupture

DDI: Serious Misoprostol/Dinoprostone enhances drug effects, Cyclopropane leads to maternal sinus bradycardia with abnormal atrioventricular rhythms, Sympathomimetics vasopressor effects enhanced

Monitor: Fluid intake & output during administration, fetal & maternal HR, maternal BP & ECG

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