Details About Generic Salt ::  Atenolol 

Main Medicine Class:: Cardiovascular System   Sub Medicine Class ::  Anti Hypertensives

also comes under 4C. Anti-Anginals in 4. Cardiovascular System
PK: A: Rapid & incomplete M: Hepatic E: Feces & urine

Indications & Dose: ANGINA PECTORIS PO Adult 50-100mg/day as single/divided doses | ATRIAL FIBRILLATION IV Adult Inf: 2.5-5mg over 2-5 min, total dose 10mg over 10-15 min | CARDIAC ARRHYTHMIAS Emergency therapy IV General Inj: 2.5mg (1mg/min), repeat if needed q5min max 10mg or Inf: 150µg/kg over 20 min, repeat q12h if needed MD 50-100mg/day | HYPERTENSION PO Adult 25-50mg/day max 100mg/day as single dose Child Neonate: 0.5–2mg/kg/day in 2 divided dose, 1 month–12 yr: 0.5–2 mg/kg/day in 2 divided dose, 12–18 yr: 25–50mg/day in 2 divided dose | MIGRAINE Prophylactic therapy PO Adult 50-100mg/day | MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION Acute IV Adult 5-10mg (1mg/min), if no adverse effects after 15 min then administer 50mg PO. After 12h 50mg PO & after further 12h MD 100mg/dayInitiate within 12h of the onset of chest pain

Contra: hypersensitivity, sinus bradycardia, sinus node dysfunction, heart block, cardiogenic shock, cardiac failure, pulmonary edema, bronchospastic disease

Precautions: concurrent use of ß-blockers, sinus syndrome, DM, myasthenia gravis/psychiatric disorder, anaphylaxis/allergy

ADR: Serious: persistent bradycardia, hypotension, chest pain, edema, HF, second/third-degree AV block, Raynaud’s phenomenon, bronchospasm, heart block, ocular symptoms, blood disorders, Others: GI disturbance, fatigue, dizziness, mental impairment, headache

DDI: Serious CCBs causes cardiac depressant effects, Quinidine/MAOIs causes orthostatic hypotension, Disopyramide clearance reduces, Ampicillin decreases drug effects, Rivastigmine/Galantamine increases risk of bradycardia, α-blockers increases risk of hypotension, Amiodarone leads to arrhythmia, Dipyridamole leads to bradycardia & asystole, SSRIs leads to bradycardia & hypotension, Atracurium results in bradycardia & hypotension

Diet: With/without food

Monitor: ECG & BP


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