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DescriptionAccording to dictionary definition  Multiple  myeloma  is a form of cancer that begins in plasma cells, a type of white blood cell. These cells are part of your immune system, which helps protect the body from germs and other harmful substances. In time, myeloma cells collect in the bone marrow and in the solid parts of bones.  Causes and Risk FactorsAccording to dictionary definition  The exact cause of multiple myeloma is unknown. However, family history can be one of the major causes.Most commonly found in:1. Older people2. African Americans  Signs and Symptoms  According to dictionary definition  Common symptoms may include:1. Bone pain, often in the back or ribs2. Broken bones3. Weakness or fatigue4. Weight loss5. Frequent infections and fevers6. Feeling very thirsty7. Frequent urination  Investigations  According to dictionary definition  Your doctor may recommend you to get tests done which include:1. Laboratory tests2. Imaging tests3. Bone marrow biopsy  TreatmentAccording to dictionary definition  Treatment depends on how advanced the disease is and whether you have symptoms. Treatment includes:1. Chemotherapy2. Stem cell transplantation3. Radiation4. Targeted therapy  NIH: National Cancer Institute



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